Sample Collection of Scat For DNA Analysis

Sample Collection of Scat For DNA Analysis

Preparation of Scat Samples for DNA Analysis:
DNA is a relatively stable molecule but will degrade over time unless preserved properly. Scat sampling kits are available upon request through the NRDPFC.

In order to avoid cross-contamination, it is important to wear clean gloves and use clean equipment on every sample. Furthermore, more than one sample should never be placed within the same tube.

Choosing a sample:
Scat samples provide a non-invasive method of collecting DNA from animals. Scat samples must be collected as fresh as possible (preferably within 24 hours but not more than 72 hours) of defecation otherwise the DNA will be severely degraded.

Sampling Instructions:

Frozen Storage:

If scat sampling kits are not available, scat may also be shipped frozen. Scat pellets or other scat samples can be placed into small freezer bags and labelled with proper information pertaining to the individual animal. It is crucial that the pellets/scat be kept frozen until they can be processed in the laboratory.

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