Hide Sample Submission

Hide Sample Submission


1. Label the tube using a permanent marker or pencil with the sample name and location (e.g. hide-1, location name).
2. Using clean gloves, shave off the hair from a 1cm x 1cm edge of the hide.
3. Fit the hole punch to the area of shaved hide and squeeze down on the handles so that a clean 1/8″ disc is produced in the hole punch.
4. Empty the punch into the vial with lysis buffer.
5. Wash the hole punch twice in soapy warm water and then rinse in running water.
6. Dry the hole punch with a clean paper towel or napkin. Inspect hole punch to make sure no hair or tissue is still on the punch after washing before moving onto the next sample.

Repeat steps 1 – 6 and empty disc into new vial with lysis buffer. Each hide should have two punches removed from it. Each punch should go into a separate vial. Although the tissue sampling kit is preferred, if hide kit is not available, tissue samples can be preserved and shipped dry or frozen.

Figure 1: An overview of the hide punch sampling method.

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