Dr. Eugene Morin

Assistant Professor

Department of Anthropology


Dr. Anne Keenleyside

Associate Professor

Department of Anthropology

Dr. Bradley N. White

Chair & Professor of Biology

Dr. Paul Wilson

Canada Research Chair (DNA Profiling, Forensics & Functional Genomics) & Associate Professor

Dr. Linda Y. Rutledge

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Kaela Beauclerc

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Laurentian University

Ancient DNA Research at Trent University

Ancient DNA provides a window into historic ecosystems and improves our efforts to conserve biodiversity. The ancient DNA laboratory is located in a separate part of the DNA complex at Trent University, where strict protocols and guidelines for the proper handling of ancient and historic faunal and flora specimens are enforced. Research conducted in the ancient DNA lab is through a collaboration between the Anthropology and Biology departments at Trent University.

Dr. Brenna McLeod

Research Associate

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Dr. James Conolly

Associate Professor &

Canada Research Chair

Department of Anthropology