Our Services

Our services include sequencing, genotyping, extractions, quantification, PCR and more.


NRDPFC tests help detect horse meat in beef patties

Forensic Lab

The Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory is a Trent University service and research facility that provides DNA forensic evidence for provincial, federal, international, and non-government agencies.


The NRDPFC has done genetic work with many different agricultural species including goats, pigs and sheep.


The NRDPFC specializes in wildlife genetics. We have worked on species such as wolves, raccoons, caribou, right whales, black bears and more.
The Centre (NRDPFC) moved into the current facilities in the DNA Building that opened in 2006 as a result of funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT).

The infrastructure includes a state of the art environmentally controlled Aurora Greenhouse, a Bio-containment Level III facility, an Ancient DNA Laboratory, a Wildlife Disease Laboratory, small and large animal necropsy facilities, and Genomics and Automation Laboratories.

The automation facility contains a Roche 454 GS Junior next generation sequencer, 2 ABI 3730 sequencers, 4 automated liquid handlers, automated storage freezers, numerous thermal cyclers, and ABI real-time PCR. The facility offers automated DNA isolation, quantification, standardization, and cherry picking of samples, as well as DNA profiling and sequencing. We also offer automated high-yield (1 - 3 ug) DNA extraction for genomics applications.

The facility includes the Wildlife DNA Forensic Laboratory that provides services for a number of national and international agencies.

The Centre supports projects of graduate students, OMNR and other government research programs, research programs for industry, and research of faculty from Trent and other universities.